Hi! I'm Laura Castro

User Experience and Information designer

My latest projects has been designed at the studios Accurat and Interactius. For the years, I've designed digital products between Spain, Italy and Australia.

I like to design easy-to-use and beautiful products and experiences. I love combining both skillsets of UX and Information designer to create products that fulfill a clear purpose.

In what I can help you

Data visualization design / User Interface design / User experience design / Dashboard design / Editorial and marketing infographics / Annual reports / Presentations design / Illustration

For more information on my work or to just say hello, contact me via email or LinkedIn.
You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Selected works



Fresquita Party / Personal project
La creación de User Personas: ¿Es una pérdida de tiempo? (Spanish) / at Interactius
Popularidad de nombres en España (Spanish) / Academic project
¿A qué se juega en la antípodas? (Spanish) / Academic project
Trotamundos / Personal project
How did Peter Jackson build the Shire? / Personal project


Walnut Dashboard / at Gennion Solutions
Digitalización de espacios físicos - Fitur 2017 / at Gennion Solutions
Nutshell Dashboard / at Gennion Solutions